Running a Google Ads Campaign


For this campaign, I focused on democratizing education by promoting the free Udacity online course, "Intro to Artificial Intelligence" in India. My approach was to focus on both the awareness and desire stages of the buyer's journey. I created my groups based on these two different types of searchers.

To create my keyword lists, I used Google Trends to run a competitive analysis of top 3 online learning platforms in India. I also used the Google Keyword Planner on the free course landing page for additional inspiration. I then created an empathy map for each buyer to better predict search behavior for a prospect in awareness phase vs. a prospect in the desire phase. I also used a keyword typo generator to find common misspellings of these keywords.

  • For ad group #1, awareness, I researched informational keywords that position Udacity as an authority on AI education.
  • For ad group #2, desire, I chose keywords that related more to the product, company, and potential competitors.

For the ad copy, I wanted to include an intriguing call to action to sign up for the free course or Nanodegree, including keywords based on my research.

Marketing Objective

My marketing objective is to build the awareness of the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree program and free Intro to AI course by increasing website visits to 50 during the campaign run of 06/08-06/12/2018.

My KPI will be the number of clicks to the Intro to AI online course landing page.

Ad Groups & Keywords

Ad Group #1: Awareness

machine learning
artificial intelligence
What is AI
Does udacity teach artificial intelligence
does udacity teach machine learning
does udacity teach deep learning
how to learn robotics online
robotics classes online
learn robotics online
ai online classes
artificial intelligence online course
artificial nitelligence
machnie learning
machine laerning
ratificial intelligence
free online course in machine learning
free online course in artificial intelligence
Intro to AI
what is deep learning
AI fundamentals


Ad Group #2: Desire

coursera machine learning
Udacity machine learning
coursera artificial intelligence
udemy artificial intelligence
udemy artificial intelligence
udemy machine learning
udacity deep learning
udacity free courses
google deep learning course
The best machine learning courses online
The best artificial intelligence courses online
Coursea vs Udacity machine learning
Udacity Nanodegree cost
ai and machine learning certification
Free online course for AI
Deep Learning Nanodegree Program
Intro to Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to AI
Deep Learning Nanodegree FAQ


Ad Copy


Campaign Evaluation

My marketing objective was to build the awareness of the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree program and free Intro to AI course by increasing website visits to 50 during my campaign run of 06/08-06/12/2018. I exceeded my marketing goal by acquiring a combined total of 66 clicks to the landing page. My budget was $50.00, and I accomplished this with $6.81 to spare (note that on 06/12/2018 the Udacity Adwords account was suspended and this likely impacted the results of my overall campaign).

The average cost per click stayed significantly lower than my maximum CPC bid of $3.00. Additionally, I was surprised to see a CTR of 4.41% for Ad group 1 (focusing on awareness) and 8.11% for Ad group 2 (focused on desire) since according to HubSpot (source) a good clickthrough rate for a search ad is 1.91% across all industries. Similarly, the average CPC across all sectors is $2.32 for search ads, and my average CPC for both ad groups was  $0.65, well below that.

Interestingly, while Ad Group #2 yielding the lowest number of impressions, the higher CTR indicates (especially ad #1 within that group) that the ad was more relevant to that searcher in their time of need—fitting as this is assumed behavior in the desire stage of the buyer's journey.

While I had a few keywords such as, "artificial intelligence," "machine learning," and "what is AI" inspire the higher number of clicks to help meet my marketing objective to spread awareness of this free course and nanodegree, looking at the higher CTR's that keywords, "AI fundamentals," "robotics classes online," and "udacity free online classes" are worth noting as well. I think these keywords performed the best because I was inspired to create them based on the content featured on the landing page, hence improving the overall quality score. “Artificial intelligence” was my best performing keyword, likely due to my placement of it in the header of the ad!

Recommendation for Future Campaigns

If given an additional budget to work with, with a similar marketing objective and KPI, I would re-run my best performing ad:


This time, I would take all of the more successful keywords from my previous test, and create a new list featuring the higher number of clicks, such as:

artificial intelligence
machine learning
what is AI
udacity free courses

learn robotics online
machine learning
AI fundamentals

then create more keywords based on this site (and since I was inspired to produce most of these based off the content of the landing page through the Google Keyword Planner) I will create more derivatives through that source for a combined total of 20 words for this ad.