Running a Facebook Campaign

My approach was to promote the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program on Facebook by creating ads using a lead magnet, an eBook on social media advertising. I opted to narrow my focus to female entrepreneurs around the Redwood City, San Francisco Bay Area (inspired by my target persona). Leveraging Facebook's advertising targeting options, I focused on consumer behaviors and interests centered around entrepreneurship and operating a new small business (such as online learning and web design). Since a pain point of my target audience is a sense of overwhelming (analysis paralysis, imposter syndrome, shiny object syndrome, etc.) when it comes to using social media as a tool to spread their brand awareness, I wanted to address that in my copy. Additionally, these entrepreneurial women are also mother's struggling to strike a balance between work and family, or balance in general. I aspired to create the copy with a sense of empathy, offering an immediate solution to address that specific pain point with a clear indication of the transformation to be experienced, after the download.

My target persona with additional notes informed by my empathy map.

My target persona with additional notes informed by my empathy map.

Marketing Objective:

I want to build awareness of the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program by acquiring 25 new email subscribers during my 3-day campaign run (02/07-02/10/18) with a budget of $125.00. My primary KPI is the number of email addresses obtained.

Campaign Summary

With my ad set, I targeted female entrepreneurs that are moms between the ages of 35-55 years of age in the San Francisco Bay Area within a target radius of 20 miles outside of Redwood City, California. Their interests include online learning, building a small business, and web design/digital marketing (for their business).

I used images from the Facebook stock supply that I felt best represented my prospects. These individuals are concerned with work/life balance, so I wanted to use creative assets of these personas engaging in activities that evoke a sense of empowerment while working with social media.


My campaign generated 8 new email addresses, 17 less than my goal of 25. Ad #2 (image #2) generated the highest number of email sign-ups. Since the value of each new email signup was $15, my campaign did not have a positive ROI [($15.00 x 8) / $125.00]


Based on the results of this experiment, I would take cues from this experience and diversify my images a little bit more. Additionally, I felt restricted using the same copy for all three pictures (a Facebook default). If given the ability, I would A/B test the images with different text. Hypothesizing, I think a visual with a person looking at the camera, with plenty of white space might appear more attractive and eye-catching to my target audience.