Display Advertising Evaluation

The following two advertising campaigns (one display and one video), executed with the goal of signing up students for the Digital Marketing Nanodegree. The cost of the degree is $999, and for this assignment, I assumed a profit margin of 30%—so Udacity will make $299 in profit per student sign-up. The objective is to grow the Nanodegree program aggressively but to do so while maintaining a positive ROI.

The following presentation outlines my data and results.


Part 1: Display Image Campaign
Since the keywords, "marketing online" and "online marketing course" received the highest number of clicks (and, assuming, resulted in higher conversions) I would integrate these keywords into the ad copy.

Ad copy A performed better than Ad copy B so I would introduce the idea of A/B testing images of people compared to pictures of objects.

And lastly, I would remove lower performing keywords such as, "digital analytics training" and "digital analytics course" and replace them with variations of the higher performing keywords "marketing online" and "online marketing course" (perhaps add a misspelling?)

Part 2: Display Video Campaign

I would remove a majority of the lower performing keywords and replace them with variations of the higher performing keywords "ad advertisement" and "online marketing video" (perhaps add a misspelling?)

Also, I would adjust the content of this video to focus more on video marketing, since that is a big topic in the marketing world, and it might prove useful for students to see how the DMND Nanodegree program falls within that realm.
A/B test the above video suggestion with the current video.


To improve conversion, I suggest making one small change to the landing page, with the potential for significant impact. The marketing objective of this assignment was to increase the number of student signups for the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree, so I am proposing the elimination of a step. Since the higher performing keywords reveal search patterns from prospects seeking courses on marketing, I am assuming that they are in the "desire" stage of the buyer's journey. In that case, the landing page (above the fold) could be redesigned to include both the "learn more" button, and a primary call to action button that bypasses all the scrolling so the prospect can quickly take action and enroll in the course.

Become a Digital Marketer, my suggestion to improving the website UI