The miracle of a target persona

"When you market to everyone, you market to no one." This adage also applies to creating and distributing your content online.

The reality is that your business has a specific type of customer, so it isn't reasonable (or feasible) to try to create content for everyone. A customer, after all, is a person or business that you believe is a good fit for your offering. Through the creation of a target persona (also known as a marketing persona, and a buyer persona), you can identify this proper fit as your ideal customer—the person with the pain points you wish to serve. A target persona will help you to understand your audience as an individual, so you can create content and messaging that makes an immediate connection.

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Describe (in detail) the number one ideal person that you want to reach with your content/brand story and why. Whom do you want to attract? There are many templates out there that you can “fill in the blanks” to flesh out your target persona. I typically follow a checklist like the one below.

Who do you wish to talk to?

  • Give them a name.

  • Are they male, female, or does it even matter?

  • Are they in a relationship? Do they have family obligations?

  • What is their likely location? (indicating urban/suburban/rural is sufficient)

  • What profession will they likely have? (identify jobs, industries, or position levels)

  • What is their salary range?

  • Where does your target persona typically hang out online?

  • How do they like to spend their free time outside of work?

  • Do they like to read? If so, what?

  • What are their core pain points? What are the exact problems to which they need your assistance in solving?

  • Can you visualize this person? If helpful, find an image that best represents what this person looks like to you. (If searching the web, watch for images that are free to use. And always include a source!)

  • What does your target persona value? Choose 5, in order of importance. (Here’s a handy list of shared values.)

The good news is that your people are out there! But you need to be crystal clear about who they are, and picture them in your mind as you create content for them. Take it one step further and complete an Empathy Map exercise to understand your target persona’s needs and wants. Include quotes and other media types to get even more specific.

Kirsten, web content strategist and designer

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