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We Humans Are Hardwired for Stories AND Video!

I feel a bit grumpy when I see an article listing “story” as a top marketing “trend” of 2017. The word, "trend" implies a trajectory to the next best thing, here today but gone tomorrow. The truth is that story is here to stay. So let's change those headlines to read, “the most sustainable brand marketing technique of 2017?”

Yeah, that’s much better.

Your Story is Here to Stay

In Dr. Susan Weinschenk’s book, 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People (a fabulous read, btw) she lists the top people attention getters:

  • Pictures of human faces (especially if they’re making eye contact)
  • Pictures of food, sex, and danger
  • Loud noises (der)
  • Anything that moves
  • Stories

I bolded those last two items because they’re the most applicable here.

Dr. Weinschenk (also known as, The Brain Lady) explains that we humans were designed with not one, but three brains— a new brain, a midbrain, and an old brain. Our old brain is the stuff concerned with our survival, and we use it regularly in our environments to determine (and I love how Dr. Weinschenk puts it) Can I eat it? Can I have sex with it? Will it Kill Me? What this means is that we are programmed to scan our environment for movement or potential predators. We latch on to stories as a means of remembering and organizing information critical to our survival. Dare I say that storytelling is crucial for our evolution? Fascinating stuff!

How To Become an Effective Storyteller

From Visually.

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

Perhaps you are wondering, "but how does one effectively tell a story on video?" Well, there are many, many ways and I look forward to writing about my process in future postings.  Above is an Infographic that I found—a short “how-to” that focuses in on the components of telling a great story online through video.

Are there any elements that you can sprinkle into your video storytelling process today to trigger the old brain in your audience?

Kirsten, web content strategist and designer

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