Play for Today

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in a city known for its innovation. Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb (to name a few) are all companies that started up in my home of Rochester, New York.

Image of lego bricks with the words, "be playful"

Image of lego bricks with the words, "be playful"

Last month, while I was visiting family there, I took my two kids to The Strong National Museum of Play appropriately located in the center of downtown. Surrounded by the tall buildings that used to house the headquarters of the corporations I mentioned above, it truly is a unique place for both children and adults to explore all the wonders of creativity. An exhibit featuring various quotes on play and creativity caught my eye, so I shot a video. I'm posting it here if you're seeking some inspiration today.

Play is so important when fostering an environment of innovation because it encourages us to let our guard down and ask questions. With play, there's no right answer. When we play, we try things out. We suspend our judgment. We shift our focus from "I should..." to an open-ended, "what if?"

How do/can you incorporate more play into your content strategy and creative processes?

Kirsten, web content strategist and designer