Taking the highway outside my comfort zone

If you had told me one year ago today that I’d be coaching a global network of learners on how to tell their stories for maximum impact for IDEO (!!!)... well, I would not have believed you because that would have sounded insane. Alas, here we are, one year later and I wrapped up a 6-month fellowship coaching business leaders, designers, innovators, etc. on how to strategize, and craft their stories through the design thinking methodology in IDEO U's online course, Storytelling for Influence. And if that wasn't amazing enough, I had the absolute honor of working alongside and learn from an amazingly talented and collaborative multidisciplinary team that has been so giving of their time. I don’t have enough room here to go into all of the details of the experience, but in summary, I hella stepped outside of my comfort zone, I conquered imposter syndrome, and I think it’s safe to say that my creative confidence is back. IT'S BACK BABY!!!

Yesterday I met up with a small few of my amazing cohorts at the IDEO U office in San Francisco for lunch, and each of us gifted a copy of, The Little Book of IDEO. Herein lies tangible proof of how far I’ve come since June. Damn. Is someone cutting onions in here?  I’m feeling so incredibly grateful for the experience, all the wonderful creatures that I've met, and I'm also very freaking proud of myself...

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This is only the beginning.

Kirsten, web content strategist and designer

Kirsten, web content strategist and designer