How owning your "inner" story can inspire your "outer" story

More often than not, I’ve found during the co-design process of helping my clients strategize their online content marketing I see two different stories that surface: the "outside” story that they share with others, and the “inside” story ridden with struggle, apprehension, and resistance...

How owning your "inner" story can inspire your "outer" story

That inside story has a theme, and it’s usually self-doubt. Self-doubt is the result of an assortment of hindering beliefs, like fear of judgment, fear of failure, analysis paralysis, imposter syndrome, need I go on? Because I’ve experienced these various narratives in my struggle with my inside story preventing me from telling my outside tale, it is relatively effortless for me to speak and listen to from a place of empathy (joining). But it’s often difficult for me to express self-compassion while I’m under the knife.

One thing I’ve found that has been extraordinarily powerful in my experience coaching clients through storytelling is through opening up about my vulnerability when it comes to sharing my personal experiences. In doing so, I establish a connection, build trust, and thus creates a safe space to for the person I am working with to share. It’s incredible to witness that transformation from fear to courage with that simple step.

That's the power of sharing your story!

Courage is indeed a mindset and embracing it as such is truly powerful. Personally, I experience fear in my work and life every single day. The thought of publishing this piece terrifies me! Where I've grown is in my handling of it. I invite it to coffee, but I don't allow it to take over. Fear is OK, but don’t let it keep me from an action, such as telling my story through my content online.

Kirsten, web content strategist and designer